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DDG stoveDDG is a leader in stoves and fireplaces that can be connected to central heating systems. Our units combine the cosiness of a stove or fireplace, with the comfort and safety of central heating. What's more, heating with a stove or fireplace from DDG costs less and is better for the environment.

DDG has deliberatly opted for the renewable fuel wood. Some models can also be used with coal, futurax or cokes.

The stove supplies enough heat (12 to 70 kW) to warm your entire house. It can be connected directly to your radiators, underfloor heating, domestic hot water boiler, solar boiler… or connected to your (existing) central boiler. All of this, while retaining the ability to optimally control your room comfort.

Thanks to a unique concept with a special stainless steel heat exchanger, efficiency levels of more than 90% are obtained. Via an aquastat, the DDG hydro converter automatically adjusts itself to the fuel and heat consumption of the home.

The unit is safe thanks to a thermal and overpressure valve equipped with an automatic water filling system.

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